Modern Websites Designed for Today

My websites are created with a modern design that meets today's standards. With simplistic design and minimal colors they catch the eye without being distracting. Though, unlike other websites I put content first. You can easily get to the information you need without having to click through meaningless animations and other clutter.

I aim to create the most simplistic yet resourceful websites possible.


Tri-County Career Center

An award winning website. Created to compete in the state SkillsUSA competition, winning 1st place and sending my partner and I to compete in the national competition in Louiville, Kentucky.

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LCAO Fun Run

An award winning website. Created to compete in the regional SkillsUSA competition, for admittance into the states competition in Hershey Pennsylvania.

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Feel Fine Food

Feel Fine Food was created as an entry into the FBLA state competition. The prompt was to create a Gluten Free restaurant and bakery. All the content, branding, and images were created by me and my group of 2 others. Though unfortunately it did not place, it is a great representation of the work I can do with the collaboration of others.

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Cycle Fitness

A mock website created for a biking store within New York City. I led a group of 2 others in designing and creating this website. My first forray into a group project with a set idea on how the website was to be made. Created within 3 months, this was a great learning experience for me.

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Simply Elegant

One of my favorite websites of mine, Simply Elegant was a class project to create a website for a wedding boutique. I spent about 2 weeks on the website as sort of a sideproject, it's design is just like the name of the site; simply elegant. A great representative of the design principle I follow.

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Cupcake Genius

An award winning website for the Penssyvlania Regional Computer Fair. Branding, images, and content were completely made by me and my group of 3. We created a bakery focused on exotic cupcakes, making actual merchandise and a presentation.

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Portfolio 2014

My old portfolio website, my first step into making more eye-catching designs. I have stuck with the same theme and color scheme and continue to improve upon it as I gain more experience.

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Jamaican Christmas

The First website I created entire myself. A project for my web-development class I did the research and used the coding knowledge I had at the time to create it. A good website to look back on and see how I've improved.

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The Tempest

Website created as a lesson in my Web Development class.

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