Project Description

Mitch Kicks

Website Redesign – Photography – Digital Marketing


It’s a Lifestyle.

The creation of the new website for Mitch Kicks was more than just business, it has been a journey that grew into something more. It began with a simple visit to their store and being inspired by the atmosphere they have created with their customers. Mitch kicks is a sneaker store that has blossomed into a place where people go for advice and that family feeling that the two owners provide.

When me and my business partner took a look at their website we knew we could take them to the next level. After pitching our vision to them the last 5 months became a journey that brought it to life, and it was more than worth it.


Where We Took It.

Where We Took It.

A New Marketing Presence

The first part of our proposal detailed a new social media plan that would bring their brand to the forefront. With new photography across their website and social media as well as brand new videos their branding is only stronger.

Photos taken to be used across their website and other platforms

A New Collaboration

We worked with Doppel Productions to create new promotional videos for Mitch Kicks that tell their story in a way they never were able to before.

Store Overview

Owner Interview

Manager Interview

Marketing Manager Interview

A New Website

The new Mitch Kicks’ website is a showcase of what makes them great. The goal of my design style was to provide an easy way for people to find the shoes they want while also setting the store apart from their competition. We’re showing them that Mitch Kicks is the place to be.