Project Description

South Williamsport Area School District

Website Redesign – Digital Signage – Athletics Website

2019 | Visit Site

The Beginning of My Journey.

I was the lead designer for the major redesign of South Williamsport’s website. When they came to us, they were looking to ‘modernize’ their website and make the mobile experience more pleasant for visitors. I accomplished this with a designed style that exceeded their vision and grew their relationship with our company.


Where It Took Us

Digital Signage

In addition to their website, South Williamsport requested an update to their old digital signage solution. I created a new design that followed the style of the redesign that was easily updated and remained attractive across various kinds of displays.

Athletics Site Redesign

After the successes of their new website and digital signage, they wanted to move away from Big Teams as a host for their athletics site. I created a solution that integrated their athletics site with the main website while also being unique and stylish in its own way.

An Award Winning Experience

My work done for South Williamsport’s website redesign was recognized by the Pennsylvania School Public Relations Association with the highest honors they offer. As my first major website redesign as a part of BLaST IU17 this was a major milestone for my career.